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Version 2.06.01 (Date Released: 07/13/17)

Thank you for your interest in the NFL Picks! This FAQ is sent from time to time to the NFL Picks Discussion List. IN addition, you can view this at anytime by going to and select FAQ.

Table of Contents

I. What is the NFL Picks Discussion List?
II. What is NFL Picks?
III. What is the Pandora Project?
IV. Proper Netiquette/Restrictions
V. How do I send email to the list?
VI. Subscribe to List/Join Team
VII. Unsubscribe to List/Resign from Team
VIII. Distinguish List Emails
IX. Error Resolution/Suggestions
X. Playing Online with my Friends
XI. Change Password/Email Address
XII. Lost Password
XIII. Delete Saved Email/Password

--- NFL Picks FAQ ---

I. What is NFL Picks Discussion List?

The NFL Picks List is a discussion group for the NFL and for the NFL Picks Team members. It also included updates from the "NFL Picks Quick Hits", a feature added in 2004 and later removed after the 2007 season. Also, any major updates on the website are also sent out to the list. It is moderated by the NFL Picks Organizer. Please note that by default new members are set to moderated until the Organizer changes it. This is to prevent spam and vet new pickers.
Historically, the NFL Picks Discussion List was on Topica from Septermber 16, 1999 until the end of 2004. However, as the ads grew and several servers started to block Topica as they assumed that too many spammers are on there, we decided to move to Google Groups. We officially deleted the old NFL Picks list on Topica in May 2005.

II. What is NFL Picks?

NFL Picks is a picking group that picks all the games of the regular season and postseason. Before 1999, we only had a small handful of people who got together and picked. In 1999, NFL Picks was organized and brought to the internet as a free service. After all, it was about pride. NFL Picks has never charged to participate and doesn't take picker's money. The site brought together friends with an official standings and stats.
Since 1999, NFL Picks has been owned and operated by Bobby Russ. After 2006, we moved to our domain from a shared domain ( ). After the 2009 season, the NFL Picks site suffered a total data loss. As such, the 2010 season was spent rebuilding the site and updating it for the next wave of NFL Picks. After the 2016 season, there was thoughts of closing down the site as it did not make money and was in desparate need of TLC. After recieving a number of messages asking for him to reconsider, the website was added to the Pandora Project umbrella for a rebuild. Numerous changes to the site itself and then way the group runs should help extend the life of the project as well as make it more enjoyable for pickers.

III. What is the Pandora Project?

Pandora Project is the umbrella for the websites owned and operated by Bobby Russ. The websites include:

IV. Proper Netiquette/Restrictions

The only restrictions we have is that all pickers are expected to remember that the site and list are slated for those 13 and older. This means please keep the profanity to a minimal level. In addition, the subject should stay towards football and more specifically towards the NFL. Officially, this site does not actively support gambling, but we also respect that pickers may place side bets between each other.

Having been on the net for quite a long time, there are also some Netiquette items that come up from time to time. Please do NOT:

V. How do I send/reply email to the list?

You can either log into Google Groups ( ) and post a message from there or you can also send an email to
Please note that any and all posts may be moderated to help prevent unwanted language and emails.
You can take a microscope and you will notice the little spots of queso on all of the emails. Mmmmm... queso.... *drools* Seriously, all emails from nfl picks will have [NFL Picks] as the start of the subject. You can use email filters to move it to a different folder if you wanted and help organize your inbox more.

VI. Subscribe to List/Join Team

You can join the Discussion list by going to and registering through Google Groups. You'll be able to choose whether you desire a digest mode or not.
Joining the team must be done via and selecting the Register option. It is only a couple of steps and then you in.

VII. Unsubscribe to List/Resign from Team

Never! It's not allowed! ;-) Just kidding... First things first... Do NOT ever send an email to the list saying "unsubscribe me". It doesn't work and you might find out what the other list members think of your inability to read. To unsubscribe, send an email to or login to and select unsubscribe from this list.

VIII. Error Resolution/Suggestions

Found a problem with the NFL Picks site? Feel free to contact Bobby. If it's a bug, please enter it into our Bug tracker located at: You can click on the Mantis icon at the top of the website to get there. Suggestions may also be entered into the bug tracker or mailed to Bobby.

IX. Playing Online with my Friends

We have been asked often in the past if they can pick with their friends on the site. Absolutely! We encourage you to get as many friends (and football rivals) on board. While we don't hold any bets for you, it's a good way to track stats and have fun doing so. Besides, we know Jets fans love buying me lunch. The only thing that we ask is that you let them join on their own and not sign them up. Some people can get really upset being signed up for something.

X. Change Password/Email Address

To update your password, please first log in. Then go to the Settings Menu and select Change Password. You will then need to type in your current password and then your new password into the fields provided. Click on the button "Change Password" to save your change. This will change not only the IG Interface password, but all of your forum accounts (NPC and main account).

To update your email, please first log in. Then go to the Settings menu and select Change Email. You will need to enter in the new email address and select "Change Email". The old address will recieve notification of the change.

XI. Lost Password

Select Forgot Your Password on the main page. It will ask for your email. Click on proceed to next step. You will then be emailed a passcode. You will have to enter the passcode and then you can select a new password.

XII. Delete Saved Email/Password

You may sometimes be logged in or have your login information displayed automatically because your email and password are stored in your browser's cache or settings. If you entered it incorrectly when it was saved or have changed your password, then you will need to delete the saved version from your browser or turn off autocomplete.

Solution 1: Delete the saved email and password for just this site

Firefox (and other non-IE Browsers)

  1. Click on the form field with the saved value you wish to remove
  2. Press Delete (or Shift-Delete for older Versions) on your keyboard and the highlighted stored value will be removed

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the form field with the saved value you wish to remove
  2. Press the down arrow on your keyboard until the value you wish to delete is highlighted
  3. Press the Delete key on your keyboard
  4. If you are removing a stored email and Internet Explorer has stored a password for the user you will get a prompt asking if you want to remove the user and the stored password. Click 'Yes' to remove the saved email/password

Both Firefox and IE have options to delete all your saved form data as well but most users opt to only delete entries on a form by form basis so they do not remove saved values that may be important to them. To remove all the saved form data in Internet Explorer 7 go to 'Tools' on the menu and then to 'Delete Browsing History...' which pops up a window showing different things you can delete. Click on 'Delete forms...' to clear all saved form data. To do it in Firefox go to 'Tools' and then 'Clear Private Data...' check the checkbox next to 'Saved Form and Search History' and be sure to uncheck any items you do not wish to delete and then click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Solution 2: Turn off Autocomplete

If you don't want 'AutoComplete' to automatically save your information, please follow these steps:

For Internet Explorer 7:

  1. Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser, and select Internet Options.
  2. Open the Content tab at the top of the dialogue box.
  3. Click AutoComplete, then Settings button, and uncheck the User names and passwords on forms and Prompt me to save passwords boxes.
  4. Click OK.

For Firefox:

  1. Click the Preferences menu at the top of your browser
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Uncheck the option Remember passwords for sites.
  4. Press OK.